• MASSA residency

    when artists meet fishermen, when fishermen meet artists


    One-week yearly residency in the moroccan south coast below Agadir where 4 french-speakers artists are invited to discover and paint in the caves of the Massa's Fishermen.


    The first edition in 2019 celebrated the work of 4 artists : Maya Gering, Caroline Derveaux, Bertrand Fompeyrine and myself and has been facilitated by the gallerist Alexandra Romy.


    The second edition of MASSA will happen February 25th to March 1st 2020.

    Get in touch to participate to the open call.

  • The fishermen's cave

    Maya Gering

    in Atik's cave

    Caroline Derveaux

    in Ahmed's cave

    Bertrand Fompeyrine

    in Larbi's cave

    Margaux Derhy

    in Brahim's cave