• MASSA residency

    when artists meet fishermen, when fishermen meet artists


    One-week yearly residency in the moroccan south coast below Agadir where 4 french-speakers artists are invited to discover and paint in the caves of the Massa's Fishermen.


    The first edition in 2019 celebrated the work of 4 artists : Maya Gering, Caroline Derveaux, Bertrand Fompeyrine and myself (Margaux Derhy) and has been facilitated by the galerist Alexandra Romy.


    The second edition of MASSA, with 5 artists, will happen February 25th to March 1st 2020.

  • The fishermen's cave

    Massa #1 - 2019

    Maya Gering

    in Atik's cave

    Caroline Derveaux

    in Ahmed's cave

    Bertrand Fompeyrine

    in Larbi's cave

    Margaux Derhy

    in Brahim's cave